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A wrinkle in timelessness. 

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

- Emerson N0n-Duality | June 20, 2022

Excerpt from Emerson's Upcoming Untitled Non-duality Book

All that there is, is this timelessness appearing as an illusion of time. Simultaneously suggesting the persistent dream of separation as a felt sense of reality for an apparent individual. The indivisible wholeness appearing as a fragmented character in time and space. Nothing being everything.

Like a wrinkle in timelessness, like an imaginary dirty spot in immaculate untouchable purity, like a trick of the eye in front of total blindness, a sleight of hand suggesting perpetual motion and change in pristine and unwavering stillness.

A brief appearance of a singular moment in eternity, of what never can and never be a possibility... impermanence appearing in infinity.

Nothing being everything, no-thing appearing as the illusion of separation.

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