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I AM: an elegy

I dream of a future, a distant shore,

Where unity's embrace I'll feel once more.

Yet in my dreaming, I fail to see,

That unity's already what I be.

I chase after speakers, gurus and gods, after enlightenment's gleam,

In hopes they'll guide me to the ultimate dream.

But what is  lies not in the realm of the sought,

In the silence, the stillness, the thought.

Meditation's bliss, self-inquiry's quest,

They offer glimpses, but not the rest.

For beyond the dance of mind's disguise,

Lies the boundless truth, where all ties untie.

In the web of concepts, I often get caught,

Lost in the labyrinth, where truths distort.

But clarity dawns when I cease to try,

And embrace the essence, where all lies lie.

In the complexity of seeking's embrace,

I weave tales of enlightenment's grace.

Yet amidst the chaos, there's a gentle call,

To return to the stillness, the silence, the all.

For in the heart of this grand design,

Lies the simplicity of this, nothing out of line.

No effort needed, no standards to meet,

There was no I surrendering to the rhythm, the beat.

Nor I letting go of the seeking, the striving, the strife,

In I’s absence there was this dancing in the beauty of this boundless life.

For in the end, when all is said and done,

At the blink of an eye I was none and gone

I am is a dream dreaming of “I am” 

and nothing has ever happened to I am

I am dead speaking in tongues, 

I grieve and mourn what was and could be. 

I am a haunting in thoughts of “I am this” or “I am not this”

 "I am" – a fleeting illusion

What is I am without an I ?

Who am I without an I?

This, this, this….and not even this 

Here emerges, yet not quite real,

In its wake, what is never veiled unfurls.

A very ordinary freedom!

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