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What is. What is? What is!

Poem by: Emerson Non-duality

What is seeking is conspicuously absent

What is resisting is always persisting

What is happening is constantly unraveling

What is?

Softly stumbling back and forth

to the stillness of this what-is-ness

What is.

Unwittingly and helplessly

fumbling towards the ecstasy of unknowing.

As it is.

What is?

Resisting and accepting simultaneously.

What is.

Struggling and settling in at the same time.

Doing and undoing spontaneously

What is?

Falling back to what is already is what is!

Is what is always just what is no matter what is

As it is.

What is! Oh wow! WHAT IS! Is not-two

What is is all that there is

What is... is unconditionally what is whatever it is

This! This This!

What is!

Simply what is ... is what is, as it is.

What is. What is? What is!

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