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What a relief by Oly from Montreal

WHAT A RELIEF! Everything can appear to be

Can appear to be happening (or not)

Totality appearing as « good/right» Like joy, health, wealth, peace, happiness, lovely stories, loving relationships, beauty, art, water (not too much), sun (not too hot), sounds (not too loud), sunny day, etc.

Infinity appearing as « bad/wrong » Like disorder, neurosis, mental illness, body cancer or other illness, as being deaf, as rejection, misunderstanding causing bullying sending to hell a seeming character, as disappointment or severe depression, as a dream, opinions or positions, as madness, war, as water overflow, sun burn, snow storm, etc.

WHAT A WOW « RELIEF » is LIFE recognizing itself blindly as NEVER HAPPENING

Total Innocence

No one there to experience

No one there to harm or to be harmed

No life and death

No doing possible at all ever

No choosing nor deciding

No will or free will

No beginning nor end, so

No direction, no goal

Nowhere to land or stand on

No time no space no distance

No possible memory

WHAT AN INCREDIBLE « RELIEF » is Simplicity Life’s unconditional embrace Crying, laughing, jumping, sitting, walking, drinking, loving, reading, writing, looking …. or battling, denying, defending, defying or searching or whatever is …..

Without any meaning or significance or EVEN HAPPENING


Not grasping Not belonging

Not owning

Not understanding or figuring out

Not being

WHAT A WONDERFUL « RELIEF » is The « Unknown » The « No separation » The « Not needing to change anything » Just simply appearing as knowledge or knowing Having no agenda at all No weight to anything JUST SIMPLY « What is » as it is - Ever flowing - Effortlessly Being like a seeming innocent child playing WHAT A RELIEF ! From the impression of being a « me » having a center and a life ever trying to control what is just seemingly happening - Not even happening.

WHAT A RELIEF! From that « imagined » burden in life’s dream.

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