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Ungraspable. Unimaginable. Inconceivable

Transcript from a Non-duality Zoom Meeting

So what's being suggested here is the ungraspable, the unimaginable, the inconceivable.

It's not even singularity.

It's not even nothing. It's not nothing because that's just another idea

It is not even a no-thing but that's just another idea. Again it's neither real nor unreal even if you say it's the same that's just an understanding again.

"This is it" and "This isn't" "You are it" and "There's no one here" are all statements trying to express this inconceivable, unknowable, wonder, a phenomena, a mystery but that's even saying too much.

It is completely incomprehensible because what seems to appear... the understanding, the definition, the acknowledgment is just noise.

It's just noise. It's just a distortion. Everything that tries to capture "it" is an illusion so it can only function in illusions. It's all an illusion and any attempts to grasp it and all attempts to understand it is an illusion.There's not even an "it" There's no separation. There's only wholeness but even that is trying to lead to something that's already this and isn't this because the moment that it's captured it isn't. It can't be how can it be when there's no truth about it because truth and untruth are just other just another idea.

It's not oneness because who's in oneness? So what is it? I don't know Do you know what's just being expressed is the obviousness of this mystery that there's never been any separation although this is coming as noise and it's what's already really clear.

This is coming as an interpretation of something that cannot be interpreted that goes beyond logic.

It's illogical. So what are we doing here? Nothing. Because there's no we that's doing anything. There there's no you that's listening to this. There's no speaker speaking at all. It's just this apparently imaginary noise in a sea of silence. This is all silence appearing as noise but that can't be imagined. That can't be grasped because noise can only think of noise. Noise can only conceive noise. Noise can only function in noise. So it's just noisy. Just noise. But the immediacy of this. This Boom! Bam! Alakazam! is always present. It's always this way. It never changed. It's unchangeable although it's inconceivable it never changes. What changes is the perception of "it". The rejection of "it". The acceptance of "it". The trying to figure out what it is. But it's just this happening. There's nothing happening. There's no-thing happening for no one. ...and in this beautiful, stunning, ugly, whatever adjectives you might want to add to "it" is non-negotiable It's always this way. So although it can't be imagined it can't be conceived it's just an appearance it's visible and invisible at the same time. It's an illusion. It's empty. iIt's clarity. Any words that you might want to add into "this" cannot quite capture "it" cannot define "it" because it's inconceivable. Some say ignorance is bliss I'm beginning to understand that because the more that you know well there's no you. The apparent knower knows the deeper it goes into knowing about what can not be known and the more understanding of what is the more misunderstanding happens. Completely inconceivable.

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