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Unconditional Freedom is like a Highway

revised excerpt from Emerson's Non-duality Zoom Meeting

Apparently, seeking enlightenment is like being stuck on a super highway. The restless seeker/driver apparently thinks that it keeps on missing the exit sign to freedom when it thinks it is almost there, despairs that it will never get there, still have a long way to go, or fantasizes about reaching a final destination.

On the fabled road to freedom, there are tales of arriving at the ultimate freedom as a destination from mythical masters of the past.

Desperate to find the way or even the glimpse of the imagined absolute arrival,

the relentless seeker/driver reroutes, redirects, and recalculates by asking directions from teachers/driving instructors who apparently arrived at the destination through ancient maps or archaic scriptures/outdated GPS, or by practices by becoming a disciplined or a better driver.

Usually, there is a convoy with a leader ahead that just goes in hypnotic circles of teachings, like a roundabout, often keeping the followers stuck in a loop but with a promise of ultimate liberation.

Dangling the golden carrot called enlightenment and drunken with the power of authority, the apparent leader usually crashes or goes back to sleep not noticing that the dreamed-up destination is just a dream of enlightenment, a dream of separation, a dream of "I am". A dream imagined as real is still a dream.

However, no matter how much awareness is paid attention to the road, or how much practice is done on how to merge to the one road to freedom it keeps on missing the promised highway with no one on it. No one arrives and there is no exit to freedom. An illusion can’t teach an illusion to get out of the illusion.

Freedom is not a destination it’s like an infinite superhighway. It’s eternally moving in stillness. It doesn’t end or begin. Every illusory expression is unconditional freedom. There are no drivers, no instructions, no roads to be aware of, no obstacles that need to be removed, and no “you have reached your destination”.

Every single mile, each and every turn, red or green light, stop sign, u-turns, traffic jams, accidents and crashes, each no exit and exit sign, even road rage, is unconditional freedom. Everything is on auto-pilot. The super highway of freedom is emptily running by itself.

A highway with no one on it.

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