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Three Poems by Gunver


“ And, what about you? “

“ Yeah, what about it? “

Has it ever occurred to you, that this you, you take yourself to be, do not really exist?

Just for a moment, reflect…

The illusion of you might just shatter… 

Nothing but a flimsy screen caught off guard.

Absolute stillness might follow,

or an explosion of sorts.

Yet, nothing has happened.


Words swimming down the drain, 

in an attempt to explain what cannot be explained. 

If a seeing happens, it’s just like seeing the grass grow, a bird fly

or the sun rise.

It’s just a noticing really,

a brief recognition unto itself.

Just like, when in a split second

taking in all the different positions in the traffic, 

before knowing

crossing the road is safe.

You might believe it’s all on you,

to figure out this endless movement.

But this you, is really an 



You could say that You is just another name, like Barbie or Ken.

It’s simple

This you is not a you-individual,

you-ing around as everything.

Just cause and effect played out as real, therefore cause and effect….

But, and this is for real -

so please listen up - there are no YOU!

Just remove the idea of a you….

Not that you can do that…

Remove, is not an invitation to attempt to..

No effort is happening in removing…

Just another empty word…

Just another notion…

Be still.


A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I and then it all crashed…

It’s absurd! 

It could have been the F or the A, it just happened to be the I… 

This I has no inherent meaning,

other than being a letter in the alphabet.

That’s all! 

Transparency cancels out solidity

So, no black on white

Ink does not link

and letters aren’t dancing everywhere.

On the other hand, seeing through black and white all together…

Could seemingly matter…

When a falling star crashes

it’s not yellow, bright and five pointed

It’s just a pile of rocks.

How to deal with this slippery sliding?

That looming blank.

If you can smell it, you can spell it..

But, does that make it real and true?

Seemingly everything stands and falls with the I 

But, this I is just a letter in the alphabet, 

not a separate entity.

This is where [I] leave you.

Or, what if the I is just an erected horizon?

Then seeing should be clear, right?



This could come across as arrogant.

I always wanted to be someone else 

But then myself came forth

Presenting itself, to itself, as itself, for no apparent reason

Just did…

Wanting faded away,  

replaced by a directness so sweet.

What is there to want, but what already is?

After all, that’s all there is.

We speak about This, 

about separation…

This cannot be spoken of…

This cannot be found…

No words can express what This is…

But that is not quite so…

All these words are telling of This, 

because it is This, that is writing these words.

The misunderstanding is still the believe in you.

You are the imaginary part in this writing.

And it is This that is imagining you.

And it is also This, that is making you believe, that you are real.

It is This all along.

Is that not telling?


Is at the root…

Not that you can help it…

You didn’t invent it.

But when that split presents itself,

the chance should not be missed.

Stop calling it fear of the void,

or of the unknown

because, nothing is unknown 

Everything is already known.

You think you have to see something, and then insist you cannot see it.

As if someone blindfolded you against your will, and now you are the victim of your circumstances. 

But, even the blindfold is empty of you.

I once had a teacher, that often said: “Watch out for arrogance.” 

And he was right!

Not that arrogance, in and of itself is more real than anything else presented here.

But in the dream, arrogance will magnify this you.

Without shadow of doubt, arrogance will insist on this idea of you, being real.

And right now, This is probably mirroring you somewhere else, saying:

“Who the hell does she think she is, to tell me all this?”

Well…I’m not. 

Plus, that mirror is also empty.

The only thing that seems full of itself, is you.

But this you is not that important! 

Aka, arrogance.

Zoom out.

You are nothing

Although, you are being played big time.


Wake up!

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