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This is Deep Sleep

Excerpt from the transcript of Non-duality Meeting

This is deep sleep.

This is the uncreated.

The unknowable.

The eternal death of all-knowing.

The undoing the infinite resting in peace.

The zero desiring of freedom

In hopelessness, the collapse of history, the dissolving of the future, the end of judgment.

In deep sleep

there is the absence of you

there are no others

there's no time

there's no continuity

no consequences

the end of the imagined karmic cycle

no preparations for the afterlife

no cycles of life and death

Deep sleep

is the peace that is indistinguishable

the love without conditions

the absolute freedom of nothing

In deep sleep

there is no doing

there are really no choices

no possessions

the inexplicable innocence

In deep sleep

there is no witnessing

there's no awareness

no abiding no consciousness

no absolute

there's no true nature

there's no intelligence

there are no words

it's thoughtless

it's nameless


the openness

the ultimate relaxation

Although these words are just trying to attempt to express this unknowable nothing

when there are no thoughts it's deep sleep

This is deep sleep.

- Emerson Non-duality

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