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The perpetual checkmate. Endgame.

By: Emerson Non-duality

Seeking enlightenment is like playing a game of chess

against perfect stillness.

The seeker will never win the game, ever.

Even on those rare occasions when it appears that winning

seems imminent the player inevitably loses in an unbreakable cycle

of winning or losing.

Although, playing game of seeking is obviously hopeless

Since every game is a perpetual checkmate

The seeker hopes for things to happen soon, a revelation, a glimpse,

for that elusive emptiness, the unseen nothingness

to take over and share secret that are untold

It is getting exhausted and wants to give up playing but always comes back

no matter hard it tries to be unconditionally free

However, the game is immediately lost the moment the first pawn is moved

There were no movements even when it tries to be aware of itself

There are no players, moments, or movements in stillness, like whispers of

silence that has to be unheard to be heard

The hopelessness is beginning to become more and more obvious

Again, there are no players, moments, or movements

Losing or winning is irrelevant. it's just stillness

There is this nagging feeling that there is something that

is being missed like not hearing the screaming silence

on purpose to avoid what is so glaringly obvious, a muted confession,

Nothing is happening.

A game does not exist if there are no players

No players. no game to win or lose.

Game over. It never even began. it's always just this radiant stillness

Seekers can not exist without seeking.

Seeking is not real without a seeker

The Search is over. There was nothing missing.

End of game.

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