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Science was my religion - a poem by Dr. Leela

Science was my religion

I was its altar girl

Depositing pieces of my heart

When the basket passed by.

Like dogs chasing our tails

On treadmills of our own making

We seek to conquer that which we cannot understand

Desperately battling death, illness, and each other 

We were Child Soldiers of separation 

Kidnapped from the garden and sent off to war.

Assuming any point of view is blindness

Giving birth to a bubble world and all its problems

The hard problem of consciousness was never hard

It never existed at all

And what of our precious human brains?

The grey rubbery biocomputer that is

Deathly afraid of its own creations? 

An infinite reflection, seeking to master itself 

Trapped inside the fun house of infinite regression

The observer is the observed like turtles 

All the way down

Light never actually becomes a particle

Without the assumption of an observer.

Only Pure potentiality surfing the

Wave between 1’s and 0’s.

Without a point of view, there is no world

Without a center, there is no war

Yet I was following the blind leading the blind

Until I marched off the cliff.

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