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The end by Emerson Non-duality

So what's being expressed here ⁣

what's being suggested ⁣

is the end⁣

full stop⁣

the end ⁣

because everything ⁣

that comes after that ⁣

is a concept ⁣

even the end ⁣

is a concept ⁣


there's really nothing ⁣

no way out of this ⁣

it's just being expressed here that⁣

the ending ⁣

is the beginning ⁣

of nothing ⁣

which doesn't make sense ⁣

it's not going to make sense ⁣

this is just an energetic expression ⁣

that since nothing makes sense ⁣

the one that's trying to conceptualize it ⁣

is not really⁣

real ⁣

the one that's going to conceptualize ⁣

everything that's being said⁣

is dead ⁣

it's a concept ⁣

so what's the point of this ⁣

it's pointless ⁣

and that's the point ⁣

what's being pointed here is⁣

it doesn't have a point ⁣

what's being expressed here is⁣

that this is completely meaningless ⁣

and pointless ⁣

because there's nothing special⁣

and that's a death blow ⁣

but there's a clarity ⁣

in the perception ⁣

that everything that's perceived ⁣

is an illusion ⁣

so there's no landing here ⁣

there's no conclusion here ⁣

there is no certainty here⁣

it's just this ⁣

it's just unfolding⁣



this is the end ⁣

it's also beginning ⁣

Thanks to Jeremy Chilwell for the epic remix and video and the transcription


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