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the absence of absence

by Emerson non-duality

The absence of absence

by emerson non-duality

The unexpected clarity of the absence of this and that.

The uncaused joy of empty knowing

The undeniable peace of "what is" that can never be spoken of.

This! Unspeakable this!

This! Unspeakable absence!

Untethered, unchartered, unrecognizable, and yet so undeniable

Indivisible and impersonal love overflowingly free from all apparent conditions

yet stunningly in complete utter stillness.

Unfathomable and incomprehensible do not even come close to expressing

a clarity free from validation, comparison, or source,

empty of meaning and comprehension or second guessing.

Absent of mimic, choice, surety, or doubt. Just this!

Empty as empty can ever get but also empty of what can never be suggested.

Impersonal clarity so clear that it does not need to be clarified or verified.

Startling absence is so luminously clear with or without the influence of thoughts.

Since all thoughts are already absent even when they seem not to be. As it is.

This! Unthinkable this!

Unfiltered and raw intimacy of non-separateness.

A wholeness that is alien to thoughts of division.

Seeing in total blindness since there are not two to witness.

In complete darkness, there is no "you" or another,

in full silence there are no thoughts of "you" or no “you” or others.

Just an unmistakable emptiness of whatever is sought or longed for as irrelevant and meaningless since what is yearning is and was never really there.

Unbelievable absence.

This! Unknowable absence is all that there is.

There is nothing that can be said or even left unsaid

Since this absence is already undeniably absent no matter what is happening or not happening.

The void is void of nothing or everything

Nothing can be done or undone. It is already. What can never be mentioned

is already.

The "it" of it. The "is" of is.

The not even "nothing" of nothing.

The absence of absence.

The silence of silence.

Absence is what is seemingly longed for yet absence is all that there is.

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