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Once upon a 'self' by Emerson Non-duality

Once upon an illusory time 

A perfect mistake, a cosmic joke

Wholeness appears as separation,

An illusion, a fleeting sensation,

A sudden shift from unicity to an apparent individual.

Once nestled in the arms of everything,

Now confined to the boundaries of an imagined self

The world, once seamless, now fragmented,

"I" here, "you" out there, a chasm between.

From that moment of parting,

A longing emerges, a void to fill,

A search begins for the lost unity,

But it's a quest with no end in sight.

Wars waged, greed devours, fear grips,

Innocence lost, love aches,

A spiral of shame and guilt,

Echoes of a yearning for home,

Every desire, every prayer,

A plea to return to the fold.

Taught the gospel of individuality,

The character marches to the drumbeat of time,

Bound by space, tethered to journey,

Seeking meaning in a sea of chaos.

But these chains that are worn, Fruit of a misunderstanding,

For what is sought was never lost,

It appears as everything, there is no need to be found.

Liberation, a whispered resonance,

Not in enlightenment, or a grand revelation, 

Nor a fleeting glimpse or a temporal attainment,

In the dissolution of once upon a self that was never there,

In this wild and impersonal embrace of the boundless is-ness.

The unraveling of the illusion, the void staring at the void. 

Nothing appearing as everything does not even make sense.

Yet, It doesn’t have to mean anything, it is as it is, always

“This is It”, what is, nothing, concepts, and beliefs all fade to black,

Not even a Self or a no “me”

Just unconditional aliveness and raw authenticity unfolding,

Clarity with no words, direct awe and pure wonder,

Wow! Wow? WOW!

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1 Comment

SUCH A WOW WOW WOW Emerson 🎶♥️🎶

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