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The Sound of Silence and The Emptiness of Words

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Emerson Non-Duality

Excerpt from upcoming Non-duality Book

The apparent suggestion is that words and the absence of words are the same. Sound is unimaginable silence perceived as separation. There is nothing to hear here, no words of wisdom will be uttered, no meditation or guidance offered to find what is already silent, there is no secret language, there is no abiding in silence, there is no meaning and no agenda. Unimaginable silence can not be taught since it already is.

Sounds, words, ideas, thought are the appearance of this infinite silence, Silence appears in all words, actually there are no words they are all really just silence. Silence and sounds appearing all the once. Seemingly what is longed for is the silence of the sound, the end of mental chatter, the eternal silence, the glimpse of nothing or the dream of enlightenment. In the absence or the apparent collapse of all of this noise, words, ideas, language there is nothing, there is this loud absence, maybe laughter at the absurdity of words and language. Haha!

Silence speaking to silence, like birds chirping, Nothing was spoken but everything was heard by no one.

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