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Nevertheless by Gunver


How to improve if there is no one to improve upon?

Room for improvement requires believing in the dream.

There have been plenty of attempts to improve here, for this character, but she failed.

And of course!

Addiction became addiction the moment it was believed to be an addiction

Believing in addiction is the essence of addiction 

Taken on - it comes into form and manifests. 


With that, comes endless fixing and trying to improve 

An endless loop called Improve[me]nt.

If lucky, there might be the sense of tightening a screw

Maybe even tightening it so hard, that it breaks.

This is sometimes called: 

“Full stop” or “Jumping off the wheel” 

Not that anyone is really stopping or jumping or anything like that. 

It's just what happens…

Just like that…

No warning…

No explanation… 

No reverse…

and no new screw.

Now what?

What if it only looked like, you were catching the butterfly with the net?

What if the butterfly flew freely into the net and only seemingly looked caught?

No running is needed

No fixing of any kind

It fixes itself, without any fix.


Me, myself, and I evaporate, like a cloud in front of the sun

How can an I - regret an I - that never existed?

Yet, many loving thanks to a phantom called Emerson

A fast swirling light, wearing red glasses, a seeming presence of endless Love unto Itself

A smile forms, watching a newly shaped flower rising out of the ground



                                          Endless joy!


   ( And no need to add, for no one, for that is obvious, as in obvious )

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