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Jumping off the cliff of everything to gain nothing by Emerson Non-duality

Seemingly, when everything dawns as nothing

When thoughts glimpses out at the accidental reflection of its inherent emptiness

The thinker dissolves and there is no source to be found 

There has never been a “you” to drop or to be aware of

Clarity appears with no words

Without concepts and without a centre. 

A wild directness and unhindered openness

Seeing what can never be seen

Feeling what can never be felt

Hearing what can never be heard

Experiencing what can never be experienced 

Tasting aliveness like it has never been tasted

Embracing that bold and boundless freedom that has never been embraced

Wildly speaking what can never be spoken

Yet this is nothing special since it has always been this way. 

A huge wow of relief and disbelief  followed by 

A succession of wow “how ordinary it is” or something to that effect

Laughing at everything and crying at nothing or not

At the edge of this is also this 

What is seeking for what is also what is

It is like jumping off the cliff of everything to gain nothing

Silence attempts to utter the forever unspeakable 

Only to echo the serenity that has never been broken

Speechlessness happens, peace reigns eternally

Since what is longing for the unknowable is also the unknowable. 

You are dead but you just never knew it. 

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