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Everything is an Illusion by Emerson Non-Duality

(Excerpt from Emerson's 5-day non-duality residential July 2022 | Thanks to Ben T. from Vancouver for the image and the transcription.)

This is an illusion appearing to an illusion.

This is an illusion speaking to an illusion.

That (Emerson pointing to the audience) is seeing and hearing an illusion.

There is no this and that. There is no here and no there. The mind is an illusion. Every single thought is an illusion. Every feeling, thinking, imagining, sensing, remembering, seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, and smelling is an illusion. The illusion's perception of reality is an illusion. Therefore what is perceived as reality is an illusion. There is no reality. Truth and Falsehoods are an illusion. All is an illusion. There's just this apparent singular illusion that is so expansive that it perceives infinite illusions of separation. However, there is no separation. It's just an illusion. (Laughs)

Should I keep on going? (laughs)

There are no separate illusions. No better or lesser illusion. There are no levels. Everyone that is apparently enlightened or awakened is an illusion. Enlightenment is an illusion.

An awakened or unawakened illusion is the same illusion. No one awakes since no no one slept. Sleeping and waking up are both illusions. So there are no seekers. Seeking is an illusion. Simply there is no one here and obviously, there are no others.

Everything is an illusion. Everything that is perceived is an illusion. Everyone that is perceived is also an illusion. Everything that is done is an illusion. Every single practice, every contemplation, every abidance, every meditation is an illusion. Even awareness or consciousness is an illusion. "I am" is an illusion. "I am that" is an illusion. Illusion only functions as illusion. Illusion can only operate in illusion. There is no way out of the illusion, because in and out of an illusion is an illusion. Illusion can not undo the illusion.

Apparently, the absence of the character is also the absence of the illusion. In the illusion, when the characters see through the illusion that it's an illusory character. A happening that never happens apparently happens,

There is an apparent seeing that there is no character and there is no illusion, in the apparent illusion.

Everything is an illusion. HOORAY! For no one!

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