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Ever changing stillness by Emerson Non-duality

Everything is always changing.

These words being uttered.

the gentle play of light

the distant hum of sounds

and the flickering images that look steady

as it comes and goes.

The highs and lows of emotions.

The roller coaster of feelings

everything seems to materialize

out of nowhere

Only to vanish into the mysterious void

This void

Life appears as an ending sequence of

fleeting moments.

A continual flow of things slipping away

Yet when when visited these moments

represent themselves anew.


and unfamiliar

Everything is constantly moving.

But there's an inherent stillness.

in everything

The illusory self.

posseses a unique capacity for intricate


And an understanding of the passage of the

illusory time.

This ability

leads the character to perceive themselves

as in control. (laughs)

Navigating the currents of time.

Trying to control the illusory

by the illusion

This separation fosters the illusion that one

can grasp and hold unto aspects of this

seeming life such as love


apparent glimpses of the infinite


However, the stark obviousness is that

everything remains elusive

And ever-changing it overlooks.

what has never moved

the obvious

The unchanging

What is-ness

That cannot be known in the moment of


or the movement

the individuals desire is to anchor and


What is seemingly cherished

family bonds

romantic relationships.


the security of home

power, respect

and the allure of ealth

may be fame.

the name

yet the unavoidable

is-ness persists

everything undergoes constant


Seemingly life unfolds as a grand cycle a

manifestation of the essence of


The character's experience becomes a

poignant drama.

Mark the inability to secure a fixed


the complexity of thought introduces peaks

and valleys into their Journey.

just as one feels that they have

unraveled the mysteries of

this drama

called existence, called life.

It's a play.

Unattained contentment

everything they hold dear simply slips away.

This perpetual ebb and flow.

defined the nature of what is

And it overlooks what is also unmoving.

the dynamic stillness

The infallible knowable is-ness.

That is always present despite everything

slipping away.

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