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BOOM! a poem by Emerson Non-Duality

In this extraordinary instance ,

The illusory separate sense embarks on its quest,

Seeking the unattainable, craving to grasp

The elusive end of itself,

The cessation of the dread of mortality,

The vanishing of division.


But oh, how miserable it fails,

For the timeless eludes its grasp,

Rendering its plight utterly hopeless.

Its endeavors to govern life,

To chase pleasure and flee pain,

Merely echo its futile existence.

Free will? Illusion's guise,

Another mirage in the desert of perception.

Yet, rejoice! For separation is but a mirage,


The very essence it seeks is all there is,

In every atom, every breath,

In the vast appearance of existence,

There lies the end of separation,

The culmination of longing.

When realization dawns,

The illusion shatters like fragile glass,

The dream of separation dissipates,

Leaving behind a boundless expanse,

Locationless paradise reigns supreme,

Perfect and whole.


Nothing changes, for there was no parting,

No rift in the fabric of reality.

Yet, in the absence of seeking,

A wondrous awe pervades,

At the sheer marvel of being,

A symphony of purposeless wonder,

An anarchy of love.


In sharing this it is-ness,

It may resonate again and again,

A stirring recognition,

Or a subtle shift in perception,

As the shackles of "self" dissolve,

In the light of impersonal truth.

For there is naught to find,

It is already perpetually here,

A grand what is-ness of existence,

Beyond the realm of thought,

Impersonal, yet all-encompassing,

Intrinsic to the very fabric of everything-ness,

Yet, it was nothing at all and not even that


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