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An Epic Love Poem by Emerson Non-Duality

(Inspired by one-on-one sessions about glimpses and heartbreaks)

In the heart's quiet yearning, love unfurls,

Absolute, raw, beyond mortal coils it swirls.

Through meadows of words, it once did roam,

Where the illusory self dissolved, and love became its home.

A glimpse, a whisper, in the depths is found,

No experiencer, just love unbound.

Yet back it came, a seeker still,

Chasing shadows of a love that fills.

In tales of old, in songs, in art,

Unrequited love, tearing it apart.

For in its ache, it glances a sparkling sign,

A love so vast, it makes it pine.

Falling in love, a perilous chance,

Where the imagined self may vanish in its trance.

In emptiness, the fullness in total embrace,

In nothingness, undivided love finds its eternal place.

Liberation whispers, a release from chains,

From illusions of separateness, love remains.

A shift from constriction to boundless grace,

As it dissolves into unknowable love's embrace.

In intimate moments, paradoxes collide,

Resonance blooms, where hearts confide.

A release from bounds, into the vast unknown,

In simply what is, epic love, is unconditionally shown.

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