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A non-duality poem by Oly from Montreal

There is nothing to talk about regarding "nonduality",

it is just a word without any meaning at all.

There is no possible reason or significance to that word as nonduality is a wordless word pointing to the « Unknown ».

The Unknown is unknowable.

A significance seems to appear in these wordless words.

A some kind of positioning or happening also seems to appear.

Words have opposites being duality.

They are « Unknowing » appearing as knowing.

The expression of This being the « Unknown » can ONLY be confirmed by a seeming falling away that actually is recognized never happened.

The confirmation which is not a « knowing » is that there never is and never ever was an « i » separate from TOTALITY.

Comprehension does not exist.

All words are misleading.

Misunderstanding takes place when speaking about duality.

Words, concepts, beliefs of a real you having a separate life and a solid world seen as reality IS Nothing IS Nonduality (being just a word to try to describe what can not be described) IS an appearance IS Nothing appearing as That simultaneously.

The appearance IS « What is », IS « Unknown », IS what can not be described, IS what can not be talked about at all.

There is Nothing.

Nothing is known Everything is Unknown The « Unknown » is appearing as « knowledge ».

So knowledge is as empty as any appearance being the Unknown.

An illusion of a seeming me talking about duality is What is appearing as a dream, is Nothing dreaming, is Nothing expressing as talking.

Nonduality can not be understood, can not be a REALality.

How could Nothing be something.

There is no solid world with a subject-object reality. It is an illusion, a « me » construct, not even an appearance, it is a dream having no solidity.

The appearance of the dream is totally empty, nothing solid, just totally totally empty.

There is no thing, there is no some thing.

It appears to be, it only appears to be separate. It is not a reality, it has no substance. Life flows light and free - in fact, there is even no life.

There is no existence, there never ever has been an existence.

Nothing can appear as anything. It is Everything appearing to be. Nothing and Everything are inseparable.

« What is » can not be known.

The dream is Life itself dreaming of a me thinking it knows « What is ».

Knowing and Unknowing are not separate. They are not opposites in a world of REALality. The story of « me » telling stories about concepts, beliefs, ideas or anything else is the dream appearing as Every thing being totally No thing at all, no thing at all. The « me » thinks it is « real » but it is an illusion, just like a dream can not be real, it is imagined.

The individual tries to dismiss an illusion with an illusion. Nothing will happen in time, in the future or next. All there is, is Everything appearing all at once as whatever appearance which is Nothing simultaneously.

There is no separation, no time, so no distance as the past, present and future. All there is, is This in whatever form it appears to be.

An illusion will not ever be able to confirm « Unknowing » as it only « Only » ever appears in a dream which is an appearance being Nothing.

The confirmation of Emptiness can only seem to be happening at the seeming dropping away of a tense energy leaving the body.

All is left is an appearance of a body « Lifing » Life itself without any interference of an illusory center. Just Life flowing by itself recognizing it has always being like This, EMPTY ALREADY. Out of this recognition of « Emptiness », there is that confirmation of « Empty/Fullness » or « Nothing being Everything ».

Without Life Itself recognizing Itself, all that can be talked about is « duality ». Absolutely no right or wrong with that as it can appear as Everything being Unconditional Freedom. But when Life expresses « duality/nonduality » or « Empty/Fullness » out of this recognition, there is nothing attached to this expression. And a sort of resonance can be body felt which can also bring about an energy loosening, either abruptly or softly or however it shows up. But most of the time, it is more of a rejection.

As it was said earlier, a significance seems to appear in these wordless words. A some kind of positioning or happening also seems to appear.

Misunderstanding also may be interpreted as « something will happen in the future » which creates a « next », a waiting, a hoping for an happening THAT unfortunately will never ever happen. There is only « This », it is always NEW & FRESH. No before and after.

And This is Nothing appearing as misunderstanding, as interpretation, as time, etc. Most of the time but not always, the « FULLNESS OF EVERYTHING » is recognized as « What is » but what is often overlooked is the « EMPTINESS WHICH IS APPEARING AS EVERYTHING ».

The « nonseparation », the nonexistence of things being No Thing. The recognition of « Fullness » is then seemingly understood by the seemingly (still there) « center » as a process in time before the final dropping away - A loosening, then a few or more years before the seeming « final dropping away » of something that never actually was there in the first place.

Since it is FREE to be whatever appears to be, ALREADY no one here or there to be able to have « control » on whatsoever, no right or wrong, good or bad, free will or choice, no authority neither hierarchy, etc.

Everything is embraced, Everything is all encompassing.

Everything is free to be what it is, Everything which is This appearing as « what is » being Nothing. Even the overlooking of What is « Empty » and indescribable is This being expressed as UNCONDITIONAL LOVE & FREEDOM. So words, stories, talking about stories is « What is » arising/dissolving. « This » is «Freedom & Love » without any conditions, without any « need » to change anything. ALL THERE IS, IS THIS and it can appear as seeming individuals talking together about duality in a dream which is Life dreaming itself.


Too fun to play with words, everything is allowed. Oh! « Allowed » is a very misleading word. All words are misleading: « they can only point to » is misleading too as it can be understood as a direction, you see. Life’s play is Freedom. It absolutely does not concern a « me or you or .. ». Freedom Love Peace Emptiness is what does not move and simultaneously it can appear as movements, chaos, a me or a you, etc.

 SO AMAZING! Isn’t it? ♥️ly⁣

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