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 Untitled Poem


There are no words that can express this. 

Yet, here it is, appearing as words to state the obvious 

that nothing is needed. It's over. Done.

It has always been this way. Unutterable freedom. Silence.  

However, the desperate diver is swimming through the vast Ocean of unconditional love.  To hear waves of empty words crashing through other made-up waves of heavy but hollow words to hear again and again that there is no separation. Simply not-two. Without an opposite. 

Surprisingly and predictably the seeker of pearls of emptiness holds on to these jewels like buoys to save itself from its inevitable demise. Exhaustion. The last word, even the unshakeable belief of that last hope and the sinking feeling. Desperate and one last attempt to stay afloat. "God, why have you... Drowning indefinitely and infinitely. Laughing and choking at words. Death. 

In the end, nothing really happened. All the stories sink, all of the exhausted words vanish like echoes of silence, and beliefs bursts like tiny bubbles, and everything that is ever known is spiraling down to the bottomless pit of this unknowable stillness.


Even this speaker is useless, an apparition, a mirage, a dealer of silence but can only supply in words. Nevertheless, the words are deadly when it is revealed as impotent and counterfeit the junkie dies along with all the lies that used to get it high.  Sobriety. Nothing was heard because nothing has ever been said.

Just waves crashing back and forth in deathly silence. 

Peace resting in peace on peace 

 Inspired by Rob and the formerly unsinkable Nina and all the deep sea divers  

Disclaimer: The ideas expressed in Emerson's meetings, events, videos, and content are for entertainment and general information purposes only. Emerson is not a counselor, therapist, teacher, doctor, or any kind of authority. It is apparent therefore that any participant's response or reaction to these communications is entirely and only a product of their own interpretation and their own responsibility. Ideas expressed by Emerson should not be treated as a substitute for medical advice or professional help. If expert assistance or counseling is needed, the services of a competent professional should be sought.

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